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I'm April, The in A List. I have been passionate about the hair industry since I was a little girl.

I started in the salon business as a young teenager, assisting with every day administrative tasks, answering the phones, and assisting the stylists. After college, I lived in South Florida where I attended cosmetology school, where again,

I worked as an assistant familiarizing myself

with the trade and absorbing everything I

possibly could. I moved back and forth from

Florida to Cape Cod for many years, always

finding myself back at my former salon where

I worked for twenty two years. 

This is where I met three of my now closest friends, The A List girls. We have been working alongside one another for many years and have always been supportive of each others' journeys.

I am so grateful for where I am today and

what I knew I could create. The bonus is able

to walk through this exciting process together.

Come on in, we can't wait to work with you!

coign soon

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