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April Lewis


I’m April. The A in A List

Home grown right here in Falmouth. Major street cred for me. I am a mom to Olivia, who may either put me in an early grave, or skyrocket to fame with her wildly talented personality. I mean who doesn’t need their eleven year old criticizing their makeup application? And skincare routine, or lack of?

Am I right? 


Hair - Ok. I am going to say it. I slay in the hair extension world. It’s my main focus, I am obsessed with it mostly because I don’t have to talk to anyone and get lost in my thoughts, which in reality could be dangerous. If there are one hundred methods, I’ve done them all and I have my faves. It’s about the integrity of your own hair, and why WOULDN'T you want long or short, full fun hair? Let’s not forget, I need to customize this new hair of yours so you’re not walking through the airport somewhere looking like Joe Dirt’s cousin or fresh off the Instagram Page #IsThisYourClient. While Hair Extensions are my specialty, I am also passionate about giving you that effortlessly chic "lived-in" look. So if you'e ready to elevate your hair or contemplating extensions, come in for a complimentary consultation. No one will ever know our secret!

Instagram: hairbyaprillewis

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Mel Young 2

Mel Young


I’m Mel. Firstly, I am a proud mom of two precious, spirited little girls. Would I trade it for anything? Maybe a Target shopping spree. Prints hurt my eyes, I prefer neutrals, but I won’t hold that against you.
It’s okay to be beige in a world of leopard. My groove?
Foiling. Specifically making you a blonde hottie. I am kind of a perfectionist… thats a lie.
I am definitely a perfectionist. Sit down, and let me create something so visually
stunning, you’ll cause a fender bender in the streets. 

Instagram: hair_by_melyoung & thecapesmanebridalhair

Mel Young
Liz Lyons_edited.jpg

Liz Lyons


I'm Liz. To be honest,

I've lost track of how long

I have been behind the chair, AND where all my kids are. Blondes are my jam. I will customize any color on the spectrum. Try me. Bill

Belichick is my twin flame. Kids sports have swallowed

me whole. Where my hockey moms at? Love what I do,

love where I do it. 

Instagram: lizlyonshair

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Michelle Lombardini_edited.jpg

Michelle Lombardini


I’m Michelle - I’m a little longer in the tooth than the other gals here, but probably the most immature in that

I insist my clients and I

laugh, and if there’s a song on the boom box I love, I expect you to chair dance while I booty pop myself into embarrassment. I have a

potty mouth that takes on a

life of its own sometimes.

If organized chaos was a thing, that’s what I’d be.


Make no mistake, when

it comes to blunt cuts, razor cuts, and edgy looks, I am intent and purposeful. Mostly because I don’t like the sight

of my own blood and those Japanese steel shears are exceptionally sharp. As for hair color? Pick your poison.

I have all the master skillery, yes I made that a word.

Hair painting, color melting, baby lights, teasy lights, bold reds, blush pinks and balayage. Not biolage or boilyage or “streaks”. Do you have dogs?

I need to meet them and give them belly rubs and cookies. Don’t show me pictures of your kids, show me the dogs. Lastly, the entertainment is free.

Instagram: hairbymichellelombardini

Michelle Lombardini 2_edited_edited.jpg
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